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Gold Coast

"The Iced Latte tastes like a real iced latte so I feel like Im getting my coffee hit and getting all the goodness in one meal."



"I can't believe the chocolate smoothie isn't bad for you, It tastes so good for a lactation smoothie."



"Gabriella asked me to try Milky Mumma products and choose one that I would most enjoy hands down Im a coffee drinker always have been and the Ice Latte caught my eye its a really nice consistance and super easy to use. plus it gave me that coffee fix I crave and yes Im breastfeeding."


North Melbourne

"Within 5 hours my breast were dripping, Im 9months into my breastfeeding journey, I really didn't want to stop feeding, Im so happy I reached out to Milky Mumma to help."


Gold Coast

"I needed an added iron supplement plus nutrition for my milk so I reached out to Milky Mumma as Gabriella was my Doula and I trusted her direction in all things Birth so it was a no brainer to try the Milky Mumma Goddess Greens, I added it to my breakfast smoothie and its smooth green goodness taste is great."


Western Australia

"Im so happy I was a test dummy taste tester for the Bliss Balls I loved the Salted Caramel."



"Motherhood has been a journey indeed and when Gabriella asked me to give the ChocGreens for postpartum a try I was like "Im not sure about the greens" haha, but I love the texture and taste and the fact it gives me all I need in minerals vitamins greens just by having 2/3 Bliss Balls daily its killed my sugar craving and its 100% natural goodness which is why I was happy to try it."



"During my labour my Homebirth Midwife gave me Mummalyte Hydration Fluid, I can't believe how much more energy it gave me I also stopped feeling thirsty."