Black Friday special on The Vegan Mumma Bundle - Milky Mumma

Black Friday special on The Vegan Mumma Bundle


Hey Mumma, Need a little something something  to get the milk-makers magic happening, that precious liquid gold goodness for your baby. Nail breastfeeding by boost your supply, or just maintain what you’re already
making. Happy baby, Happy Mummy.

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Smash a super easy to make lactation smoothie daily

Save $5 by purchasing a bundle receive an added extra gift of a wrist band to remind you which boob to feed from next! .

We want you to thrive so heres our 3 best-selling vegan mixes in a bundled for any mother wanting to increase there milk STASH! All the Milky GOODNESS products you need to increase your daily supply these beautiful clean pregnancy and breastfeeding safe proteins will naturally support your gut and health, we have loaded them up with fibre -Pro Biotic and vegan DHA to encourages your body to be at its best.

Hey girl we want your  body feeling like a goddess on the inside and out, so what are you waiting for ?

An organic and natural blend of:

What will mum receive:

💫 Beautifully wrapped bundle 💫

1x 336g Double Choc Smoothie
1x 336g Iced Latte Smoothie
1x Pro-Biotic Brownie

✅ Vegan

✅ 100% Gluten Free

✅ Flaxseed Omega-3 Fats.

✅ High source of iron

✅ Totally yummy



Weight 900 g
Dimensions 297 × 50 × 10 mm


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