Ready for your milk supply to go totally bonkers bursting like a crazy ..waking up soaked? - Milky Mumma
girl in white and red dress sitting on brown woven hammock

Ready for your milk supply to go totally bonkers bursting like a crazy ..waking up soaked?

Hello Gorgeous Mumma !

Let’s boost your supply one delicious Smoothie, Brownies and bars at a time.

Our lactation Smoothies not only taste INCREDIBLE, Kill those cravings but they are oh-so-full of – let me share ➡️ unique milk boosting ingredients with 100s of health benifits , there is nothing on the market that is so quick acting . We all understand breastfeeding can be a beautiful opportunity to bond on so many levels with your baby, most mothers feel vulnerable and overwhelmed during this time. You have been solely responsible for growing your human for 40 plus weeks NOW WHAT? the responsibility for nourishing their little person is huge right? . The mysteriously unknown Fourth trimester is full of unknowns one may feel so unequipped. By having our smoothie’s brownies, your supply will not be a concern for you. Let’s have you feeling empowered and in more control. By following us on social media @milky.mumma, you will see firsthand the tens & tens of thousands of women our beautiful #Vegan lactation products have helped. Im waiting for you as you pop on over to connect with myself Dm me say hey, show me how your using our products and how it has changed your journey and connect with other Mothers going through similar breastfeeding journeys. Now let’s get that milk Glowing & flowing’ lovely. I’ve got your back with powerful whole-food product , Connect now to get the support you need, Love Gab x