Get Fit Feel Fab & Breastfeeding

Should I or Shouldn’t I exercise post baby? Well let’s be honest so much has changed for you I personally encourage all mums to move their bodies it improves women’s mental health and has a positive effect on her emotional well-being. Some of the benefits include:

  • Higher level of cardiovascular fitness (helps you keep up with toddlers)
  • Improved blood lipid profiles and insulin response (higher then lows) 
  • A feeling of well-being from improved energy and reduced stress levels (that’s got to be good right?)
  • Enhanced all relationships she has (go girl) 
  • Reduces symptoms of depression in those with PND or mild Anxiety and depressive disorders. (you matter ) 

Does exercise affect milk supply or nutrient content?

Unfounded Studies have shown there isn’t a difference in milk production or nutrient composition or babies’ weight gain. Infect some study showed a slight increase in milk supply for the women who exercised regularly, in saying that I have heard some caregiver say all that jiggling may slow or stop good supply, We at Milky Mumma understand you want to get your mojo back and balance not long after bub has arrived, so our Smoothie Protein Blends can be a great meal supplement on those busy days the beauty of this is that you are getting so many good minerals and milk making goodness in that you can build a new routine around knowing we got you covered. 

Always seek professional support if your supply changes at any stage.

Give yourself the new mum start you deserve.

Hugs Milky Mumma 💫